Construction Industry Scheme Bands

Only available to UK companies enrolled in the Construction Industry Scheme

Minimum access level:

  • Estimates & Invoices

List all CIS bands for a company


Since these bands do not change frequently, we suggest caching them client-side and updating every once in a while, for example once a day or at app start-up. Use the names of the bands in conjunction with the cis_rate attribute on invoices.


Status: 200 OK
  "available_bands": [
      "name": "cis_gross",
      "deduction_rate": "0.0",
      "income_description": "CIS Income (Gross)",
      "deduction_description": "CIS Deduction (Gross)",
      "nominal_code": "061"
      "name": "cis_standard",
      "deduction_rate": "0.2",
      "income_description": "CIS Income (20%)",
      "deduction_description": "CIS Deduction (20%)",
      "nominal_code": "062"
      "name": "cis_higher",
      "deduction_rate": "0.3",
      "income_description": "CIS Income (30%)",
      "deduction_description": "CIS Deduction (30%)",
      "nominal_code": "063"
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <available-bands type="array">
      <deduction-rate type="decimal">0.0</deduction-rate>
      <income-description>CIS Income (Gross)</income-description>
      <deduction-description>CIS Deduction (Gross)</deduction-description>
      <deduction-rate type="decimal">0.2</deduction-rate>
      <income-description>CIS Income (20%)</income-description>
      <deduction-description>CIS Deduction (20%)</deduction-description>
      <deduction-rate type="decimal">0.3</deduction-rate>
      <income-description>CIS Income (30%)</income-description>
      <deduction-description>CIS Deduction (30%)</deduction-description>
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